I am a multi disciplinary artist and am somewhat mischievous and experimental in my work. I use abstraction to disguise authentic moments, I recognise the subject but it is edited for the viewer. Sometimes I layer areas several times hiding the information. I am amused that this is rooted in scoldings for doing rude drawings as a child. Relationships are visualised as shapes, figures are distorted to emphasise their stature, nature or pose.
I like the immediacy of drawing digitally on my phone as I can do this anywhere. I take time in the studio mixing the colours in oil, relishing the texture of thick, flowing paint. Every colour is chosen to amplify the mood in the painting. I want the viewer to enjoy the paint as much as I do, working vigorously with gestural brush strokes straight on to the canvas.
I use animation and video if I feel there is a longer story to tell. The use of abstraction, disguise and layering flowing in the same manner.